How Roses Are Red Saved Hours of Work Each Day With Locate2u


Roses are Red is Auckland’s largest and most established online florist. They deliver all over Auckland and the Waikato region, completing over 70 deliveries a day.

Director Claire Sawyers’ family has been working with flowers for nearly 20 years. She has seen the industry grow and change in that time saying “it has gone from being a very cottage industry, to being very advanced. We’re proud that we always set the standard for technology in our industry.”

Those technological advances came as customers demanded more options and visibility.

Those technological advances came as customers demanded more options and visibility.

“We weren’t able to give our customers any clarity on when anything was going to get there which impacted our business” – Clare Sawyers, Director

Claire tried many times to improve customer visibility, ETA accuracy and speed up delivery time, including creating a home-made app. However all these attempts fell a little short of what Roses Are Red needed.

Locate2u Helps Roses
Are Red Save Time

Roses Are Red began using Locate2u because it made the route planning easy. Speeding up this part of the process has saved them time on all fronts.

Previously their courier would load the van and then spend a lot of time just organising his route. Now, once the van is loaded, he can go trusting that the route on his Driver App will be the most efficient way to deliver all the orders.

“As soon as the driver is ready, he can go. Instead of having to plot the journey each day.” – Claire Sawyers, Director

This has helped him finish on time everyday, saving roughly 10 hours of driving a week. This huge time saving also helps

Roses Are Red reduce unnecessary labour costs caused by inefficient routes.

Additionally the smart routing allows the staff at the store to focus on actual work rather than updating the driver and delivery customers constantly.

“No other system gave us these time savings” – Claire Sawyers, Director

Locate2u helps Roses Are Red keep their team lean and get the most out of each team member. Claire Sawyers is so impressed by Locate2u that she says “It’s absolutely essential” for delivery businesses to be using.


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