Clean more. Drive Less.

Discover how you can increase productivity and make more money at your cleaning service with our easy-to-use app.
Clean more. Drive less.


If you want an easier way to find routes to your cleaning customers, Locate2u gets the job done for you. All you have to do is add your customers’ address and you’ll get the most efficient route possible.
  • Add one or multiple bookings into the app
  • Get optimized routes to your customers
  • Update your cleaning service schedule in real time


Stop using multiple tools to record customers, create directions, and notify customers. Locate2u makes life simple, so you can focus more on your customers.
Create bookings for your cleaning service

Create bookings for your cleaning service

Add a new customer in less than 5 minutes

Record all customers in a central location

Transform your cleaning business with an app that connects you with your customers


Customer experience is important for your cleaning service. With Locate2u, you can share your live location with accurate ETAs via SMS.
Set a time for your cleaning service booking

Set a time for your cleaning service booking

Send your tracking link to customer

Send a tracking link to customers in one click

Brand maps with your company logo

Brand the link with your company logo


Whether cleaners are driving your company vehicles or taking their own car, Locate2u uses GPS tracking technology to view, manage, and monitor your cleaning service team.
  • Track your cleaners in real time
  • Know where they are and what they are doing
  • See a route replay, the driver’s speed, and more

Reduce lost time and money with an app that improves your cleaning service efficiency.


How can GPS tracking help a cleaning service?
GPS tracking lets you monitor your workers while they are in the field. You can use Locate2u to know where your workers are located and view a history of the places they visit.
Does GPS tracking cost anything?
GPS uses satellites to track smartphone movement in real time. That location gets relied back to Locate2u and viewable in your account. Locate2u offers two types of GPS tracking as a smartphone app and a vehicle-mounted GPS device. The app is free and you can download it right now from the App Store or Google Play. To learn more about the GPS devices for your vehicle, click here.
Can I use Locate2u while I'm away from the office?
Yes! Locate2u is accessible on both computer and smartphone. Download the app on any iPhone or Android device to use live location sharing, GPS tracking, and booking management on-the-go.

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