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Colorex Trade & Hire
Colorex Trade & Hire

Who is Colorex?

Colorex is your go–to trade store for the supply of specialized, high-quality supplies for construction, plastering, and painting trades. 

With a passionate and welcoming staff committed to ensuring needs are met and surpassed, Colorex continues to be a top supplier in the greater Wellington area. They are known for their wide selection, competitive pricing, and leadership in new and creative products. 


Lack of visibility 

“Before Locate2u, we had to rely on ringing the drivers for ETA estimates” – Marketing & I.T Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

In the world of delivery, customers want their items delivered yesterday!

One of the main challenges faced was the lack of transparency when it came to Colorex’s distribution operations. Not accessing real-time information made it difficult to give customers the delivery experience they were looking for. 

Delivering customers with a positive experience is essential when it comes to securing customer loyalty and repeat business, all of which can be achieved through real-time visibility. 


Maintaining maximum efficiency in their processes was another difficulty Colorex confronted. Routes were frequently designed manually in the absence of a software solution, which would take hours each week away from other crucial business tasks.

This manual procedure was time-consuming and prone to error, which led to additional inefficiencies and had a negative impact on the business’s bottom line.


In order to overcome these challenges, Colorex sought a software solution that would transform their business processes and keep them ahead of the competition. 

Locate2u is an all-in-one delivery management solution that automates the entire operational process for both service and delivery businesses. This technology transforms businesses to boost efficiency and meet customer expectations. 

delivery management software
delivery management software
delivery management software


Increased visibility 

“With Locate2u our entire team, and our customers, have that information at their fingertips.” – Marketing & I.T Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

With the introduction of Locate2u, Colorex could now access real-time visibility over each delivery taking place. This data proved to be useful in ensuring equipment and vehicles are being used effectively, enhancing driver accountability and asset security. 

Locate2u’s real-time tracking also enables Colorex to review the past movements of their deliveries so they can detect trends and identify any efficiencies. 

Having complete visibility and control over their operations made it easy to make last-minute changes to stops in the event of unexpected traffic or a change in the delivery schedule. 

Efficient routes built in seconds

“Our drivers are saving a lot of time previously spent planning their routes. The route optimisation feature automatically suggests an efficient route based on the deliveries that are loaded for the run. It’s also very flexible, allowing us to adjust it to suit order priorities.” – Marketing & IT Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

Locate2u’s route optimization tool became a game changer for Colorex, eliminating the process of manual planning and having to take into account traffic and weather conditions, driver availability, etc. 

“We’d estimate that our drivers are saving a couple of hours each week by having Locate2u generate their routes for them, time much better spent on the road.” – Marketing & IT Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

By placing drivers on the most efficient delivery routes, they could deliver products to customers faster and provide them with excellent service, increasing the likelihood of repeat business and maintaining competitiveness in the market. 

Reduced fuel costs

An additional benefit to Locate2u’s route optimization tool is Colorex saving time and money by reducing fuel consumption, distance traveled and time required to complete deliveries. 

This was critical in helping the business reduce operating costs and increase profitability. 

Excellent customer support

“We were impressed with how quickly we were able to get the system working for us and the Locate2u team was great at answering our questions to help us get the most out of the system including questions about integrating with our ERP system.” – Marketing & I.T Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

Any business needs excellent customer service, especially when implementing new software. In order for Colorex to properly utilize Locate2u’s capabilities and fulfill its full potential, the help given by customer service, more specifically, Ryan King and Devon Blignaut was essential. 

They were always accessible to respond to inquiries, offer advice, and offer fixes for any issues that cropped up.

Furthermore, Colorex was able to solve any problems and enhance its delivery operations because of its comprehensive expertise in the software and the delivery management sector. 

Ryan and Devon’s superior customer service allowed Colorex to concentrate on their core company activities with the confidence that they had the backing they needed to be successful.

Locater2u real-time tracking
Locater2u real-time tracking
Locate2u route optimization on phone


“We’re in the process of developing a mobile app for our customers that will include integration with Locate2u. It will give our customers the ability to receive notifications when orders are on their way and track it to their door using the Locate2u tracking links.” – Marketing & I.T Manager, Hayden Whiteman.

Colorex has big plans for the future and is integrating with Locate2u to build an app with the goal of becoming the “Uber of supplies.” The company is confident that it will continue to use Locate2u for years to come.

“We’ll be the Uber of trade supplies!” – Marketing & IT Manager, Hayden Whiteman.


Thanks to the help of Locate2u, Colorex has enhanced its operational efficiency, transparency, and reduced fuel costs. 

With big plans for the future, Colorex is well on its way to being a leader in the sale of specialized materials for the construction, plastering, and painting trades. All of which can be attributed to the exceptional customer care and dedication to innovation by our customer service team. 

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