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is the all-in-one delivery management tool for your service business.

We help manage your bookings, optimise your schedules, track your fleet, as well as offer tracking links, service maintenance and so much more…
delivery service
delivery tracking software for service business

Delivery tracking software for service businesses.

We make running your service business a breeze. Whether you’re a cleaning service, electrical or plumbing company. Locate2u will give you the time to work on your business instead of in it.
send live delivery tracking links

Send live delivery tracking links to customers.

Tell your customers when your courier will arrive. Reduce the number of calls to your office, improve customer satisfaction and experience.

Save time with route optimisation.

Allocate the correct equipment inside your vehicle, as well as set up the optimised routes in minutes! With advanced configuration you can set up the optimisation to suit your business.
track fleet

Track your fleet and drivers wherever they go.

Knowing where your drivers and vehicles are allows you to have visibility and control over your fleet. Using your smartphone or our hardware GPS unit will enable you to track all your services.
Order Management
Locate2u provides a centralised platform for your services, so you can track any driver status in real time.
GPS Tracking
Track the live location of your vehicles in real time, so you can ensure bookings are being fulfilled, while keeping drivers accountable.
Delivery tracking links & Estimated delivery notifications (SMS)
Notify your customers by sharing your custom branded tracking links, providing real-time visibility of your service delivery time.
Route Optimisation
Automated schedule and route planning ensures your drivers are on the most efficient route.
Mobile App for Drivers
Give your drivers the tools to receive their bookings for the day as well as real time updates.
order management app

Proof of delivery

Account for each delivery with digital image and signature confirmation.

Vehicle Service Management

Manage when vehicles within your fleet need to be serviced.


Make strategic decisions based on accurate data. Gain access to insightful ignition on/off, location history, safety, speeding, stops, travel statistics, geo-fence reports, geo-fence timesheets reports.

Customer Feedback

Gain insight on how your customers felt about their delivery and what needs improvement.

Real time Route Modification

Modify your delivery routes in real time so you can add in last minute stops and increase your business’ efficiency.


Integrate seamlessly with your existing delivery software and products, including Shopify, WordPress, Xero, etc.

Give your customers what they want

Don’t leave your customers waiting for a service, stay ahead of the game by using Locate2u. Share your driver’s live location with your customer and send them updates throughout the day so they know when you’ll arrive.

Perfect for any business who wants to connect their people in the field with their customers.

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