How Happy Paws’ customer service improved with Locate2u

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Happy Paws Pet Food is a high-quality raw pet food company based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. The business delivers a range of pet food products directly to consumers, including organic chicken, kangaroo, beef and pet treats.

As a one-man team, Happy Paws Pet Food founder Brenton Scown was looking for delivery management software that could keep up with his busy schedule, improve his customer’s delivery experience, and automate a large part of the delivery process.

Before partnering
with Locate2u

Happy Paws was using a number of US-based delivery software platforms. With their US customer service hours being out of sync with the Australian time zone, Brenton would often spend days sending emails backwards and forth.

His customers would also receive texts from a US number, which didn’t make sense as a local Australian business. Plus, with the platforms being in US Dollars, the currency would constantly fluctuate depending on the international market. It wasn’t sustainable, so Brenton searched for a different option and found Locate2u.

happy paws before partnering with locate2u
how locate2u helped happy paws

How Locate2u helped
Happy Paws

Brenton explained how Locate2u has improved his delivery process to make it now fully automated:

“I used to do it all manually via SMS. At every stop, I’d have a pre-saved message and send it to the customer. But with Locate2u, everything is done automatically at the click of a button, and I’m on the road again.”

Customer experience
improved ‘100%’ with

Happy Paws’ customer experience has improved ‘100%’ since implementing Locate2u. Customers can now leave feedback. If a customer isn’t home, the Happy Paws driver can share a photo of the package to let them know it’s been delivered.

The estimated delivery times also help customers schedule their day around the delivery:

“Because we deal with frozen pet food, in the Gold Coast especially, it can defrost quite quickly,” he said. “So if the customer is given an estimated delivery time, they can schedule their day around it. It’s fantastic.

“I always know which customers are using the live tracking because they’re often standing at the front of their house as I drive past,” he adds. “It works well.”

Happy paws customer experience improved
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