Bulky Item Delivery Software

Master Bulky Item Deliveries with Logistics Software

Navigate the complexities of bulky item logistics with ease. Locate2u empowers your delivery operations with route optimization, real-time visibility, and enhanced customer communication, ensuring deliveries are a success.

Used by:

Optimized Route Planning for Bulky Deliveries

Efficiently navigate the challenges of bulky item logistics with Locate2u's route planning feature. Save time and reduce costs by avoiding traffic snags and optimizing delivery schedules.

Enhanced Delivery Visibility

Gain unparalleled insight into your delivery operations with real-time tracking. Keep your team and customers informed every step of the way, from warehouse departure to final delivery.

Streamlined Bulky Dispatch Deliveries

Simplify your dispatching workflow for bulky items with our intuitive platform. Easily assign tasks, adjust for last-minute changes, and ensure timely deliveries with minimal manual effort.

Digital Proof of Delivery

Securely confirm delivery completion with digital proof of delivery features, including photo evidence and electronic signatures, to build trust and reduce disputes.

Transform Your Fleet Operations with Locate2u's Bulky Item Delivery Software.

Take the next step to streamline your operations and improve driver productivity with Locate2u's Bulky Item Delivery. Sign up now for a free trial and see the difference it can make for your business.

The complete GPS & Route Optimization solution.

Combine our GPS devices with Locate2u to unlock the complete Delivery Management solution.

Live Location Tracking

Share your live location with customers, so they can see exactly where their delivery is.

Proof of Delivery

Capture an e-signature and photo of the item on delivery via our mobile app. Your customers can then view this information in real time.

Customer Reviews

Capture customer feedback upon the delivery's completion. We’ll then send an SMS allowing your customer to rate their experience and provide feedback.

SMS Alerts

Tell your customers when you're on route via our automated SMS system. Customers won't have to worry about missing the delivery.

Route Optimization

Have the most efficient routes for your delivery drivers generated in seconds.

Last Mile

Complete more bookings in less time, reduce fuel costs and improve communication between customers and drivers.

Delivery Management

Reduce wasted resources and labor, as well as ensuring goods arrive safely in a timely manner.

GPS Tracking

Track the status of your vehicles and assets so you can provide customers with accurate ETAs and respond to any issues quickly.


SuperPharmacy Saves Hundreds of Hours With Locate2u

"Before Locate2u, we used to have to generate new routes if we wanted to change the order of things whereas with Locate2u we can just adjust the days deliveries on the fly, allowing us to move orders into a higher priority and it all works it out in the background pretty quickly”

Locate2u is perfect for:

Locate2u has the tools you need to streamline your process, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Same Day Couriers

If you're running a same day courier business, use Locate2u to manage your deliveries from start to finish.

Food Delivery

If you deliver food or run a food truck, Locate2u is the perfect tool to optimize your delivery run.

Product Delivery

Delivering new products to customers? Use Locate2u to optimize routes and provide your customers with an accurate ETA.

Grocery Delivery

Delivering groceries to your customers? Use Locate2u to manage your bookings and optimize your run for a seamless delivery experience.

Restaurant Delivery

Use your own delivery drivers to save time and money. Send your bookings from your delivery platform to Locate2u and we'll automatically import your bookings.

Retail Delivery

Offer customers a same day delivery experience by using your very own delivery team.

Delivery Drivers

No more manual jobs on paper or excel! Locate2u optimizes your run and lets your customers know when you'll arrive. Saving you hours!

Line Haul

Use your battery operated GPS to track the live location of your freight as it moves from warehouse to truck. Our booking management system also allows you to capture electronic proof of delivery.

Our customers love us.

David Zelton

Great service and very helpful, nothing is a problem to them. I would recommend them to anyone A+.

Aaron Clark

I trialled Locate2U and it was perfect - Automatically increased customers by about 30% on the first day.

Michael Godwin

Love about Locate2u was the live-tracking features and proof of delivery.

Aaron Clark

Before Locate2u, we used to have to generate new routes if we wanted to change the order of things whereas with Locate2u we can just adjust the days deliveries on the fly, allowing us to move orders into a higher priority and it all works it out in the background pretty quickly.

Ready to dive in?
Start your free trial today.

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Ready to dive in?
Start your free trial today.

No credit card necessary.​

Frequently asked questions:

Bulky Item Delivery Software is like the Swiss Army knife for those big, awkward deliveries you dread organizing. It’s a set of digital tools designed to make managing, tracking, and delivering those hefty items a breeze, ensuring they get from A to B without a hitch.

Imagine cutting through rush-hour traffic with a hot knife through butter. That’s what our route optimization does for your bulky deliveries. Plus, with real-time tracking, you’ll always know where your deliveries are, making “lost in transit” a thing of the past.

Absolutely! It’s all about doing more with less. By optimizing routes and improving dispatch efficiency, you’ll save on fuel and time. It’s like giving your bottom line a well-deserved boost.

Yes, it’s like adding a new piece to your favorite puzzle; it just fits. Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, making the transition smooth and stress-free.

Happy customers are the heart of any business, right? With accurate ETAs, real-time tracking, and smooth deliveries, your customers will be singing your praises. It’s all about delivering not just bulky items, but also joy and satisfaction.

Sure thing! It’s like adding the perfect new piece to your existing furniture set – it just fits. Most furniture delivery software can easily sync with your current systems, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

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