Fleet Management Software

Gain visibility and control over your fleet and reduce costs.

Enhance your fleet operations with routine vehicle maintenance, route optimization, real-time tracking, and compliance management.

Fleet Management Software Used By:

Track and analyze your fleet.

Locate2u lets you see what's going on inside your delivery space, such as driver behavior, fuel consumption, delivery times and more. This works to improve decisions regarding your fleet so you can boost productivity.

Track and manage your fleet assets.

Locate2u streamlines the management of your assets with real-time tracking, resulting in minimized disruptions and improved efficiency by increasing the lifespan of your assets.

Improve efficiency and extend the life of your assets.

Fleet management software works to schedule routine maintenance, generate maintenance reports and monitor vehicle health to increase longevity.

Reduce costs and improve resource utilization.

You can cut down on travel time, fuel use, and operating costs by using route optimization, real-time tracking, and compliance monitoring, not to mention enhanced resource use.

Transform Your Delivery Operations with Locate2u's Fleet Management Software.

Take the next step to streamline your delivery processes and improve efficiency. Sign up now for a free trial and see the difference it can make for your business.

The complete Fleet Management solution.

Combine our GPS devices with Locate2u to unlock an automated fleet management solution.

Live Location Tracking

Share your live location with customers, so they can see exactly where their delivery is.

Proof of Delivery

Capture an e-signature and photo of the item upon delivery via our mobile app. Your customers can then view this information in real time.

Customer Reviews

Capture customer feedback upon the delivery's completion. We’ll then send an SMS allowing your customer to rate their experience and provide feedback.

SMS Alerts

Tell your customers when you're on route via our automated SMS system. Customers won't have to worry about missing the delivery.

Route Optimization

Have the most efficient routes for your delivery drivers generated in seconds.

Last Mile

Complete more bookings in less time, reduce fuel costs and improve communication between customers and drivers.

Delivery Management

Reduce wasted resources and labor, as well as ensuring goods arrive safely in a timely manner.

GPS Tracking

Track the status of your vehicles and assets so you can provide customers with accurate ETAs and respond to any issues quickly.


SuperPharmacy Saves Hundreds of Hours With Locate2u

"Before Locate2u, we used to have to generate new routes if we wanted to change the order of things whereas with Locate2u we can just adjust the days deliveries on the fly, allowing us to move orders into a higher priority and it all works it out in the background pretty quickly”

Locate2u is perfect for:

The perfect solution to all your location needs! We are excellent for, Transport & Logistics, Services & Trades, Product Delivery, Food Delivery, Building & Construction or Personal Use. Whatever you need, we have your back.

Same Day Couriers

If you're running a same day courier business, use Locate2u to manage your deliveries from start to finish.

Food Delivery

If you deliver food or run a food truck, Locate2u is the perfect tool to optimize your delivery run.

Product Delivery

Delivering new products to customers? Use Locate2u to optimize routes and provide your customers with an accurate ETA.

Grocery Delivery

Delivering groceries to your customers? Use Locate2u to manage your bookings and optimize your run for a seamless delivery experience.

Restaurant Delivery

Use your own delivery drivers to save time and money. Send your bookings from your delivery platform to Locate2u and we'll automatically import your bookings.

Retail Delivery

Offer customers a same day delivery experience by using your very own delivery team.

Delivery Drivers

No more manual jobs on paper or excel! Locate2u optimizes your run and lets your customers know when you'll arrive. Saving you hours!

Line Haul

Use your battery operated GPS to track the live location of your freight as it moves from warehouse to truck. Our booking management system also allows you to capture electronic proof of delivery.

Our customers love us

David Zelton

Great service and very helpful, nothing is a problem to them. I would recommend them to anyone A+.

Aaron Clark

I trialled Locate2U and it was perfect - Automatically increased customers by about 30% on the first day.

Michael Godwin

Love about Locate2u was the live-tracking features and proof of delivery.

Aaron Clark

Before Locate2u, we used to have to generate new routes if we wanted to change the order of things whereas with Locate2u we can just adjust the days deliveries on the fly, allowing us to move orders into a higher priority and it all works it out in the background pretty quickly.

Tom Grove

I'm blown away by the effectiveness of the Locate2U devices and the flexibility it affords my business.

Ready to dive in?
Start your free trial today.

No credit card necessary.​

Ready to dive in?
Start your free trial today.

No credit card necessary.​

Frequently asked questions:

Fleet management software is a tool used to access important information relating to fleet performance and customer service. Fleet management software works to keep up with vehicle maintenance, reduce downtime and boost operational efficiency. Learn more about fleet management software by clicking here. 

The fleet management software from Locate2u lowers operational expenses for enterprises by increasing safety, optimizing resource use, and lowering fuel usage.

Through Locate2u, fleet owners have access to data that can be used to maximize driver performance, decrease idle time, and enhance fuel efficiency. Users may make better fleet decisions by comprehending and precisely tracking fleet activity.

Yes, Locate2u’s fleet management software includes a route optimization feature that generates the most efficient delivery routes in seconds. This is achieved by taking into account weather and traffic conditions, driver availability, vehicle type, product type etc. 

Locate2u’s fleet management software allows users to share a live tracking link with their customers for unprecedented delivery visibility. This eliminates the issue of large time windows and missed deliveries as the customer can see exactly where their order is, building trust and increasing the odds of repeat purchases. 

Yes, you can easily link our fleet management software with the systems you already have in place.

You can sign up for a free trial of Locate2u by clicking the “Sign Up for a Free Trial” button on this page. 

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