Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater Increases Visibility With Real-Time Tracking

mt beerwah natural spring water
mt beerwah natural spring water

Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater is a bottled spring water company that supplies 15L bottles and coolers to customers and businesses. It’s been running since 2000 and has just moved onto the home-delivery side of these cooler bottles, having previously carried out bulk refills that would be dropped off to a number of outlets. 

The Struggle Of Keeping Vehicles Accountable

It can be easy for things to go wrong when you don’t have access to your driver’s location, such as missing or damaged products and a lack of accountability from team members. Will Neill, the manager at Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater, acknowledged the difficulty his business faced in keeping track of their trucks, and whether the deliveries were being completed successfully. The solution to this issue was Locate2u. 

“I was having trouble keeping track of where our trucks were going and that all the deliveries were getting done–we were missing people and so forth…” Will Neill, Manager. 

Locate2u’s real-time tracking system provided increased visibility of team members throughout the day. This has been crucial in keeping track of jobs where they can see whether their driver is en route, has completed the booking, or is experiencing delays. It’s also helped increase communication between Will, his drivers, and his customers. 

Route Optimisation Software vs Locate2u
Route Tracking Software

No More Manual Planning With Route Optimization

Another issue Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater faced was the lengthy planning process. Planning routes can be a stressful and time-consuming procedure. You have to take into consideration the availability of your drivers, how many stops there are and their locations, etc to create the most efficient route. It can take hours, especially if errors occur during the process. 

“The route planning has been good because it routes on traffic conditions and peak times and all that. Plus it fits more (bookings) in a day.” Will Neill, Manager. 

Locate’s route optimization solution takes the pressure off by building the most efficient routes for Will’s team members without the stress of manually planning. It’s allowed Will to fit more bookings in a day, increasing the business’s overall productivity. 

Gaining Insight Into Each Delivery Performance

An additional benefit Will encountered by using Locate2u was its ability to give feedback through the data collected. This gives proper insight into each delivery performance and what needs to be improved to create more productive outcomes and reduce recurring errors. 

“We needed data back too. I needed feedback from the guys on the road and if something needed to be changed I needed that information back to change it back here.  That way the next time they do their deliveries it can be done right.” Will Neill, Manager. 

The Solution That Was Needed

Locate2u has proved exceedingly useful for Mt Beerwah Natural Springwater by optimizing their routes, giving access to real-time tracking and information regarding each delivery performance. 

Locate2u has certainly improved the delivery process for Will’s business from start to finish, allowing him to keep his team and product accountable whilst managing his operations.

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