BPCS Tidies Up Employee Accountability

Cleaning Service
Cleaning Service

Bendigo Professional Cleaning Services offer commercial and domestic cleaning services including window cleaning, gardening
services and pest control to the Bendigo region.

A More
Accountable Team

Owner and operator, Jess Johnson, used to have no way of knowing where her employees were at any given point in the day. This made it hard to tell customers when jobs were getting done with any certainty.

Since working with Locate2u, Jess can now easily see her team, even in areas with poor mobile phone reception. This means that she can keep employees accountable and only pay them for hours they’ve actually worked. Locate2u helps Bendigo Professional Cleaning Services work more productively across their whole team.

“It’s not just an app they can turn off, you can see that they are where they should be” – Jess Johnson, Owner


Keeping Your Fleet Safe
When You’re Not There

Bendigo Professional Cleaning Services often leave vehicles and trailers with equipment on the street while they’re completing jobs. Previously an opportunistic thief could have taken the car or trailer and no one would know who did it.

With Locate2u’s help, Jess is no longer worried about expensive gear getting towed away or her vehicles getting stolen. If she’s ever concerned, she can just check the live map and know exactly where her team is.

A More Accountable
& Safer Fleet

Bendigo Professional Cleaning Services now has a solution to help stop employees from taking extended breaks and help ensure they’re working productively throughout the day. There is also more confidence in the fleet because the tracking and live map allows Jess to see that everyone and everything is in the right place, which really reduces the fear of having a vehicle stolen.

“Locate2u is especially worth it, in areas with bad reception, for staff accountability.” – Jess Johnson, Owner

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