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About Locate2u

What is Locate2u?
Locate2u is a delivery & field service management software that allows you to track your workers, optimize your route, share your location and manage your bookings. For an overview of how Locate2u works, more information here
Locate2u was founded in Sydney, Australia. For background on how Locate2u was founded, more information here
We are a team of 20 working in 5 different countries.
Yes. Locate2u is available for download on both iOS and Android devices.
Yes – very. Our beautiful software is designed to be user-friendly for you as well as your team. We also offer customer support and a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.
No, customers will receive a live tracking link via SMS which is available to view on any web browser

Getting Started

What happens once you sign up?
We will book you in with an implementation expert to run you through the setup and have the system configured to suit your business.
Implementation time will vary based on the size of your business. Setting up a single account can be completed in minutes, but larger integration will require between 15 to 30 business days. This allows time for data integration, team training, and test runs.
Yes. You can integrate with other services via our API. Our team also offers integration services upon request. You will find more information here
Yes. If you mention your requirements during the demo and we can schedule a time to train your team.
Yes, our customer support team will be available to help you. If you have any questions, browse our resources page first and reach out to us if you do not find the answers you need.
The subscription includes all services related to the app and platform. You will have access to all updates and main features shown here
Depending on your requirements, we also offer integration, website design, and other customizable features upon request.

GPS Devices

What type of GPS devices do you offer?
We currently offer 3 GPS device variants.
OBD-II Port Device: This can be plugged into the vehicle using the OBD port. We include a 4G SIM cart with this which then provides GPS tracking.
Rugged GPS Hardwired Device: We send out an auto-electrician to hardwire this into your vehicle. This does the same thing. You might want this as if your car gets stolen it is not easy to pull it out making it more secure. We include a 4G SIM card with this too.
Battery Powered Device: This is more for tracking of trailers and/or equipment. This will send back a location of where the device is once a day. It can be activated to transmit the location much faster if the device or the trailer has been stolen. We include a 4G SIM card with this too. More information here
We use a Global Sim Card provider which automatically switches across to the best carrier in your area
The OBD-II port is usually located under the dashboard, beneath the steering wheel column.
Yes. You can connect the OBD-II port device yourself as it is very easy to just plug in. Our hardwire device however requires an auto-electrician to install the device into your vehicle.
Yes. Our battery powered device can be set to recovery mode, which will send frequent GPS coordinates for you to recover the vehicle.
It will run for up to 7 years using 3 AA batteries.

App and Features

What features does the app provide?
The Locate2u app provides the ability to enter in your bookings for the day (or future days), optimize the route, track your team members and share you live location with your customers. It's available on IOS and Android.
Yes. Everything you can do on our website you can do on our app essentially making it the only thing you need to use to manage your drivers.
Yes. Our route optimization feature automatically does that.
Yes. You can give your live tracking link there using which your live location will be easily viewable by anyone with the link.
Yes. You can share a live tracking link which can be sent to multiple people.
Yes. Using Twilio for SMS alerts you can create your custom alert to send the client an SMS when the driver is within a certain radius. More information here
Yes. Using Twilio for SMS alerts you can create your custom alert to send the client an SMS when the driver is within a certain radius. More information here
From the navigation menu on the left side, click on stops. On the stops page, in the top right corner, click on the ‘Import Stops’ button. If you click on that you can directly import your data or you can download our given template and fill it out before importing it. You can download a copy of the template here.
More information here
You can click on ‘Stops’ from the side menu which will give you an overview of all the stops entered into Locate2u. You can then click on each individual stop, which will allow you to edit the stop details. Here you can assign the stop to the team member of your choice, by choosing their name under the ‘Team Member’ heading. More information here
Yes. You can click on ‘Optimize stops’ from the side menu which would run through the process and work out the most efficient way of doing that spreading across the number of drivers. Fill out your information and click on ‘Next’ it will take you to a list of all of your addresses. Select the ones you want and click on ‘Next’ again and select the drivers on the next screen. Locate2u will automatically assign the stops to the drivers

Account Settings

How much phone battery is used in a typical day?
Not a lot but it will use up more battery life throughout the day so it is best to always have your smartphone on charge when inside a vehicle.
Yes. You can customise the SMS via the SMS settings on the web platform as well as the app.
Adding team members can be easily done by clicking on ‘Team’, then ‘Members’ on the left hand side menu. Select the ‘+’ icon on the top right corner to add your team members.
Yes, you have the option of adding stop specific notes or custom fields via the ‘Settings’ button on the menu.

Data and Security

How secure is Locate2u?
Locate2u has been designed with security built into its architecture from the ground up, ensuring that your data is completely secure, and only accessible to those you authorize access
We understand that the security and privacy of your location data is of the utmost performance. Locate2u has been designed with security in mind from the ground up, ensuring that only people you authorize have access to this data, and that when sharing your current location via our tracking page, those people can only see your location for the time that you authorize or as long as it’s suitable for them to see it (e.g. when providing a stop link showing your current location, once that stop is marked as complete or cancelled then they will no longer be able to see your location).
You also have control over when location data is collected by Locate2u. By default, our apps only collect your location data while you have active stops or links.
You can also see who actively has access to your current location from the links list in our mobile apps.
We store our data in Microsoft Azure data centres - currently in the US.
Your data remains in our system, but you can request its deletion as per GDPR provisions
You can adjust the settings to track your team during work hours only. You can enter specific hours per team member under the Team settings on the web platform.


How much does Locate2u cost?
Pricing starts from low monthly fee per user. We have a number of different pricing plans depending on the features and number of users. Locate2u is perfect for small, medium and large businesses. You can request a one on one call here to get pricing for your business.
We have a plug and play OBD device that does not require installation. There is a fee associated with the installation of hardwired devices which will vary depending on the amount of devices purchased.
No – we are up front about pricing, and provide details of our pricing plans and optional extras during the demo.
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