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construction site and title
construction site and title

About Scalzo & Wilks Group

Scalzo & Wilks Group is a specialist concrete contractor for civil, commercial, industrial, and residential projects. 

With over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, it’s safe to say they’ve cemented their status as a highly respected businesses with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. 

Challenges Faced Prior to Locate2u

Loss of expensive machinery 

“A lot of the machinery would be sent out on the field at several different locations all at once and then there’d be a time at the end of the week where things would get lost, the boys can’t remember the project where things were on” – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager 

Scalzo & Wilks handle thousands of dollars worth of machinery and equipment and not having the technology to track everything increases the risk for loss. 

Fiorella discussed the constant loss of expensive machinery and the way it negatively impacted the business’ cost-effectiveness. Not to mention the time it took to sort out and order new equipment. 

“Things were constantly getting lost and these types of machinery aren’t cheap. They’re all in the thousands. To lose that constantly wasn’t very cost-effective at all”  – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  

Time spent finding machinery

Losing machinery on a regular basis proved to also be a time-consuming task, in which team members would spend an entire day trying to locate equipment. 

“The boys would have to dedicate a full day to go out and find the machinery.” – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager 

This became highly inconvenient in which those hours spent looking could’ve been applied to other projects.  


Upon starting her role as Administration Manager, Fiorella Borsellino was recommended to look into Locate2u by one of the Directors. 

“When I started one of my priorities when I started around 5 months ago was to see how we could manage the tools and that’s when I came across Locate2u. One of my directors recommended it.” – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  

Locate2u is an all-in-one delivery management software that streamlines the entire operational process for both service and delivery businesses. This technology transforms businesses so they can enhance their efficiency and meet customer expectations. 


Time saved 

Locate2u’s GPS tracking has enabled Scalzo & Wilks Group to track their machinery throughout the day. By recording the location of each piece of machinery reduces the likelihood of anything getting lost. 

“Time of having to spend with employees out there on the field, going from job to job across Sydney to find them. It’s definitely saved days. The boys would have to dedicate a full day to go out and find the machinery.”– Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  

Should equipment go missing, Locate2u makes the recovery process much easier so team members can focus on their projects. No more wasting an entire day!

Money saved 

The amount of equipment being lost each week was a problem Fiorella sought to fix. Accessing the exact times and locations of every piece of machinery has made recovery all the easier. 

“On average, we save $2000-3000 per month using Locate2u, maximum $5000”– Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  

With Locate2u’s asset tracking, Scalzo & Wilks Group manages to save anywhere between two to three thousand dollars per month. What an incredible result that has seen an increase in the business’ cost-effectiveness.  

Easy-to-use platform 

Fiorella has found the Locate2u platform to be exceedingly easy to navigate, especially for team members who are not so experienced in advanced technology. 

“I personally love the website. It’s so easy to use and navigate.” – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  

She also discussed that the visual nature of the platform has been a big hit with team members as they can see A to B and how things are tracked. It’s very much a visual perspective that works well with those in the construction industry. 

“The boys are very visual so having a map, physically seeing A to B and how things are tracked is perfect. Especially for this industry and the boys who have a very much visual perspective on things” – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  


Scalzo & Wilks Group continues to use Locate2u and has found it exceedingly beneficial in terms of boosting productivity and saving thousands of dollars each month. Not to mention the wonderful customer service and guidance of the Locate2u sales team. 

“I would highly recommend Locate2u besides the customer service and the sales team being so open and flexible, the product itself is high quality and everything integrates together pretty effortlessly.” Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager

With product updates constantly being released, there are always new features to explore that provide a multitude of benefits. This is only the beginning of an incredible journey. 

“What I love most about Locate2u is the open communication. They always go above and beyond”  – Fiorella Borsellino, Administration Manager  


If you’re a service or delivery business wanting to keep track of vehicles and assets, then Locate2u is the perfect solution. 

Book a demo today and learn about how you can automate your operational processes and save time and money. 

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