Furever’s Forever Give Customers The Visibility They Deserve

Furever’s Forever Give Customers The Visibility They Deserve
Furever’s Forever Give Customers The Visibility They Deserve

Furever’s Forever Pet Transport is a family-owned and run company that specializes in the domestic dog and cat transportation,
whether it be local, rural, or interstate. They offer door-to-door service so that customers can be reassured that their pets are safely
returned and ready to get back to their usual mischief.

If You Want A Job
Done Right, Do It Yourself

Russell Bradshaw, owner, started Furever’s Forever because of the constant issues he experienced transporting pets to their new location.

When COVID-19 started, Russell found it extremely difficult to move the animals around the country, so he found an animal transportation company to help his business. He experienced constant long delays, was unable to see where his animals were and was even lied to about the company having the right insurance.

After being infuriated with such a terrible service, Russell knew that he could do the job and do it better. So he created Furever’s Forever to improve the treatment of the animals that are being relocated.

Customer’s Furbabies In Safe Hands

Pets are part of the family, so customers are delighted knowing they can track where their pets are picked up from, and where they are all the way to their doorstep. Having that peace of mind is very important in building trust with the customer, especially when it comes to something as valuable as their pet.

Tracking his team in real-time allows Russell to see their location, knowing they are on the right track. With Locate2u, Russell can keep customers happy with accurate delivery times that have led to great service.

“We want our customers to be able to track us the whole way. They can see where we are from when we pick their pup up, all the way to their doorstep.”

How SMS Integration Has Saved Hours

Russell was mostly impressed by the SMS integration, where he could automate texts for various updates. This has made it exceptionally easier for his customers as they know the location of their pets can be updated without having to make further contact, saving Russell hours in individual phone calls.

“Locate2u makes it easier for my staff and customers so they get automatic messages sent to them and I can send out bulk messages if I need to if we’re running behind… The bulk messages save me a lot of time compared to the 50 individual calls I’d have to do if something happens.”


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