Franz Building Supplies Improves Team Accountability With Proof Of Delivery

Franz Building Supplies
Franz Building Supplies

Franz Building Supplies, a building supply company, sought to improve team accountability, customer experience and the overall delivery process by finding a reliable delivery management software. Locate2u proved to be the superior choice, allowing Franz Building Supplies to access real-time tracking and proof of delivery for a more seamless delivery experience. 

Real-Time Tracking Improves Team Accountability

Michael Godwin, Senior Sales and Account Manager, spoke of looking into Locate2u as a way to improve the service to their clients. This has been achieved by accessing their driver’s live location through real-time tracking. Having such visibility enhances the accountability of their team, providing Franz Building Supplies with peace of mind that each booking is being successfully completed. Michael also mentioned sending a live tracking link via SMS to customers so they receive more reliable ETAs.  

“The thing we loved about Locate2u was the live-tracking features and proof of delivery.” Michael Godwin, Senior Sales and Account Manager

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Proof Of Delivery Becomes Saving Grace 

Tracking your deliveries to see they’ve been successfully completed can be extremely difficult, especially if there is no image confirmation. Locate2u’s proof of delivery allows drivers to take digital photos and e-signatures so that nothing is left to the imagination. Any team member can access this information, reducing potential customer disputes should they claim their goods are damaged or missing. 

“We could’ve really used the proof of delivery in past deliveries. Every now and then we’ve had issues with delivery and having access to photos would’ve really helped us. The fact that proof of delivery is available by Locate2u is pretty monumental from our side.” Michael Godwin, Senior Sales and Account Manager

Route Replay Is The Way!

Route Optimisation Software vs Locate2u
Route Tracking Software
Route Tracking Software

Michael also brought to light the significance of playing back any driver’s delivery journey. Time travel? No, route replay! With Locate2u, Franz Building Supplies can play back any route their drivers have taken throughout the day. If they want to track their costs, this gives insight as to where most of their spending goes. It also keeps their team accountable and increases security of goods being transported. Should an item go missing, or a vehicle get stolen, Franz Building Supplies will know where to go. 

“The main thing that surprised us was the text message function, the live tracking and the capability to play back the runs. It all really helps us at the end of the day.” Michael Godwin, Senior Sales and Account Manager

How Locate2u Can Help Your Business Reach The Top Of Its Game

Locate2u continues to help Franz Building Supplies reach the top of their game, and they’re only getting started! With route replay, real-time tracking and proof of delivery, they’ve managed to improve team accountability, customer satisfaction and make the transportation of building materials all the more easier. That sounds like a win!

If you’re wanting to learn how to give your customers the best service possible like Franz Building Supplies then click here!  

“Locate2u is an extremely helpful tool to have and it improves that customer experience and we would definitely recommend it to other businesses.” Michael Godwin, Senior Sales and Account Manager

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