How SuperPharmacy Saves Time With Route Optimisation

Super Pharmacy
Super Pharmacy

SuperPharmacy is an online pharmacy that provides all Australians access to prescriptions, pharmacy, well-being, health, and beauty needs – all from the convenience of their home through their smartphone or computer. SuperPharmacy is a trusted online pharmacy that has been delivering for its customers since the year 2000.

SuperPharmacy consistently strives to provide its customers with reliable and trustworthy delivery of their orders. Since the beginning of the pandemic, delivery networks across Australia all struggled with increased demand, staffing issues, and network constraints. SuperPharmacy knew that investing in its own delivery network would provide a reliable delivery offering that lived up to its customers’ expectations.

Customers who visit pharmacies are often unwell, with the presence of COVID-19, it made it all the more important to ensure we continued to provide safe and reliable access to medications for our customers.

The Search For Quality Software 

Product designer Lachlan Fraser-Bell highlights that SuperPharmacy sought a software solution with the goals of expanding the role of their drivers, maximizing the daily delivery capacity, and providing a solid foundation for future growth of the local delivery network.

“With the pandemic, we saw couriers start to slow down and hit delays, so we ended up leaning more and more heavily on our own drivers, and our customers saw the benefits of that in ensuring critical medication was being delivered on time by us personally…”

Locate2u - New Feature Announcement
Locate2u – New Feature Announcement

Reducing Stress With Reliable Job Management 

Using Locate2u has managed to reduce stress when it comes to job management and scheduling, generating and uploading jobs through its quality technology. Locate2u’s route optimization software has also reduced time spent manually planning the most efficient routes, seeing up to 1 hour of planning performed a day minimized to an astounding 10 minutes! This has increased their productivity throughout the week by using that saved time to spend on other business operations.

“One thing that’s saved really a ton of time is when we upload those jobs, it’s pretty instantaneous with the time to generate routes. We’re talking barely a few minutes.”

Route Optimization Offers Flexibility 

The flexibility of Locate2u’s route optimization was another benefit SuperPharmacy experienced. Having the ability to add in last-minute bookings without disrupting the entire schedule of the day has increased SuperPharmacy’s flexibility when it comes to popping in stops and making other changes.

“Before Locate2u we used to have to generate new routes if we wanted to change the order of things whereas with Locate2u we can just adjust the day’s deliveries on the fly, allowing us to move orders into a higher priority and it all works it out in the background pretty quickly”

 Improved Experience For Drivers 

Locate2u’s driver’s app was another aspect that Lachlan mentioned being exceedingly beneficial for SuperPharmacy drivers. The driver app gives team members access to their bookings for the day, the full route, and the order of stops so that they know the most efficient route to travel. This has improved the experience of SuperPharmacy’s drivers throughout the day as they have access to customer details, the ability to capture proof of delivery, and can change the status of each stop automatically.

“It was about trying to give our drivers a better experience when they’re carrying out all these deliveries.”

Medicine Delivery
Medicine Delivery

Locate2u Helps Save Time Planning 

Getting started with Locate2u was a simple process where decisions were made quickly and access to great customer support made the approach of getting set up that bit easier.

“We found that from the initial conversation it didn’t take that long and the time to get up and running and getting an understanding was pretty quick which meant for us we could start making decisions…”

Locate2u’s driver app, route optimization, and booking management have allowed SuperPharmacy to reduce time spent planning by up to 1 hour per day and improved their driver’s experience as they carry out multiple deliveries during the ongoing pandemic. SuperPharmacy’s positive experience of great customer support and efficient setup process has made them look forward to using Locate2u long into the future.

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