Perth Couriers Cut Back On Customer Disputes with Proof of Delivery

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Perth Couriers is a courier service business based around Perth metro and regional areas. The business delivers a variety of refrigerated and regular products including health foods, fruit and vegetables and many dairy products that need to remain chilled.

Director Paul Greenwell was looking for an easier way to provide clear proof of delivery to customers, while not breaking the bank and still routing his deliveries as efficiently as possible.

Proof of Delivery is the Point of Difference

Prior to working with Locate2u, Perth Couriers used a different route planning provider who had a confusing system for Proof of Delivery.

“Our previous provider had a very complicated Proof of Delivery system, and we couldn’t force our drivers to use it” – Paul Greenwell, Director

When they began searching for a solution with a good Proof of Delivery function, they found a lot of providers weren’t designed well for small businesses. The solutions they found were geared towards larger companies, with unreasonably high prices for smaller businesses like Perth Couriers.

Locate2u was the solution Perth Couriers chose because it is good value, provides everything they need for route planning and also offers a simple and effective Proof of Delivery solution.

Customer Disputes Solved Easily

Since implementing Locate2u, Paul has already seen improvements in customer support. He set up the Proof of Delivery to require a photo for each delivery. This has helped reduce customer disputes by being able to share exactly what has been delivered and where it’s been delivered.

When a customer was complaining that their delivery was missing an item, Paul could refer to the photo taken by the driver and see clearly the item was there.

Easily accessible delivery photos helped Perth Couriers turn a large investigation to a quick phone call with an easy resolution.

Local Support Goes A Long Way

Paul was also very impressed with the local customer support of Locate2u.

Little things like having a local support team that responds quickly, and local addresses appearing first when searching on maps rather than international ones which helps to speed up the time it takes to fill out an address are nice benefits that really make a difference.

“I like that it’s Australian based and you can talk to someone in Australia time. You send through an email, and get a response straight away.” – Paul Greenwell, Director


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