How Gate Gourmet Improved Customer Experience With Locate2u

Gate Gourmet
Gate Gourmet

Gate Gourmet is a globally leading provider of catering services for airlines, railways, hospitals, defense private catering and so
much more. They offer last mile provisioning to aircraft and cater to services for non-airline businesses, including convenience
stores and airport lounges.

The introduction of the pandemic led Gate Gourmet to notice a significant growth in ecommerce demands and the number of
deliveries being made. Unit manager Ebrahim Moktari says they began extensively researching for a solution to improve the
productivity of the company, better their organisational skills, and improve visibility and communication between their customers
and drivers. This research ultimately led them to Locate2u.

Improving Service For Every Customer

Not knowing the location of the driver is an exceptionally frustrating experience for customers. Gate Gourmet wanted to better their customers’ experiences by offering complete visibility and making them feel like a priority. Using Locate2u helped establish communication between drivers and customers by sending updates through SMS notifications. This improved the accuracy of ETA’s and because customers have access to the driver’s location, they know roughly when their delivery will arrive.

“Having that communication and being able to update customers really helps in giving better ETA’s…”

No More Wasting Time!

Like many businesses, Gate Gourmet found their team members not getting the most out of each day. Locate2u’s booking management system increased their productivity by improving their job scheduling. It’s also helped reduce labour costs by 15% every week!

Ebrahim was surprised by Locate2u’s driver reports which have the ability to track your driver’s behavior, including their speed. Receiving fines is frustrating enough, but when it comes to businesses it’s a very difficult process. Knowing which team member was responsible for a fine saves Gate Gourmet a lot of time and money trying to find the culprit. Having that visibility, as Ebrahim acknowledged, is important in keeping up with your team on the road and ensuring they are driving safely.

“We’ve been able to save hours throughout the week just from better scheduling… we’re more productive with the amount of time we have now.”

Quality Assistance For Gate Gourmet

Ebrahim is thoroughly impressed by Locate2u’s attentive customer service and the overall quality of the product. The amount of support given by the Locate2u team contrasts other services through their ability to listen. By scheduling various meetings, Gate Gourmet could get a clear understanding of how Locate2u would benefit their businesses.

“Locate2u really listened to what we wanted. There was always someone to speak to.”

The Help That Was Needed

With Locate2u’s services, Gate Gourmet has improved their communication between drivers and customers, providing more accurate ETA’s. It also reduces labor costs by 15% each week, saving money for the business. Locate2u’s software also helps with speeding fines as driver reports can track the behavior of their team members when on the road. With great customer support from us, Gate Gourmet can experience the quality of our product and know that we are always here to help.

“Locate2u is a quality product that’s been great in keeping us as organized as possible.”

Delivery management App

Why Your Business Needs Route Optimisation

Being a business owner is stressful enough, so make your life a little bit easier by incorporating a route optimisation solution.

You can plan dozens of routes in minutes and modify routes to add in last minute stops without major disruptions to your driver’s schedule. With live updates, you can monitor your fleet’s location and have peace of mind that they are on the best route possible. It’s efficiency and flexibility reduces fuel and vehicle maintenance costs, saving your business time and money. Using route optimisation can also help improve the experience of your customers as it improves ETA’s, allowing them to know when their order is arriving.

Click here to see how Locate2u’s route optimisation solution can help improve your business’ efficiency.


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