7 ways Locate2u can help your business

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Tell your customers you’re enroute to their location

With Locate2u, you can send a SMS to your customers letting them know you’re enroute to their location. They will then be able to track you in real time, so they will know exactly when you’ll arrive. Say goodbye to the days of constantly being asked where you are.
Live Location Sharing

Know where all your workers are

You’ll be able to use our app or web interface to track the live location of all your workers in real time. You’ll even be able to go back in their location history and see where they were at any given time.
Route Optimization

Track your bookings live

Manage all of your bookings via our mobile or web app, so you can track the status of all bookings and team members. Keep track of start and finish times of jobs, allowing you to also manage all of your billing requirements.
Route Planning Software

Optimize your route

If you’re managing several bookings each day, Locate2u can help you optimize the bookings in the most efficient route in real time. You will know the fastest route to get the bookings completed.
Live Tracking

Keep an eye on their speed

Keep track of your workers road safety by seeing who is speeding, allowing you to give feedback to your workers' on their driving performance.
Booking Management

Connecting in with your systems

You can connect with our API, allowing your website to be integrated and take bookings online directly into Locate2u.
Route Tracking Software

Give it personality

You can upload your logo and photo within minutes, giving your tracking link its own look and feel to match your brand.
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