Product updates August 2023

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these. Or maybe it’s the first one of its kind? Either way, we’re extremely keen to share all the recent Locate2u updates. Well, they’re recent-ish. We will go back a few months and handpick the most notable updates, then tell you about ‘em. Right here.

Let’s start with the new capacity UI for optimizing output

If you’re a fleet manager or resource allocator, you know the drill – juggling a heap of deliveries and stops, like a conductor mastering an orchestra, isn’t for the faint of heart.

Fret not, because we’ve dialed the optimization game up a notch, starting with the all-new Capacity UI. 

We’re focusing on efficiency and safety for all you enterprise champs. It’s a Locate2u feature that gives you more control over managing things like:

  • weight
  • pieces of product, or even
  • the volume of a shipment.

It’s kind of like peeking under the hood of your vehicle and tweaking the performance.

Remember those load limit regulations? Yup, we’ve got your back on that front too. We’re ticking compliance boxes faster than you can say “Optimize my routes”!

Then there’s asset possession history

Let’s say you’re optimizing the routes of each delivery vehicle already – check! But your business has grown, or your drivers make use of different vehicles, or they swap vehicles throughout the day.

You’ll want to hear about this new feature.

Meet Asset Possession History – the Sherlock Holmes of vehicle tracking. 🔍 No more wondering who’s behind the wheel; now you’ll know exactly when, where, and who was piloting your asset.

Here’s how it works:

Drivers can use the Locate2u app to scan the unique barcode on the vehicle, which will trigger a ‘take possession of asset’ prompt. Now that driver is allocated to that vehicle until it’s returned using the same process.
Once an asset has been logged, you can track exactly when and which vehicle was being used by which driver. Makes tracking things like fines and late deliveries so much easier.

Some mobile app improvements

IOS updates: Behind every great app is a robust backend, and we’ve kicked things up a notch. Our iOS app is now smoother than ever before, with improved stability, performance, and lightning-fast information transfer to the server.

Tablets, rejoice: We’ve heard your pleas and now support tablets natively in both apps. And guess what? Landscape orientation is now an option.

Offline option: Our iOS app now features enhanced offline capabilities. Drivers can keep on truckin’ even without a connection, and as soon as they’re back online, the app and server will seamlessly reconnect and sync.

Location Tracking: We’ve cranked up the location tracking feature in both our Android and iOS apps.

Custom questionnaires: Design custom questions in our web app. We’re talking questions for every stage – from the start and end of runs and trips to the route and arrival times.

One-Time Pin POD: Presenting the pièce de résistance – our new POD type, the One-Time Pin (OTP). Customers can now enter a one-time Pin, usually a four-digit code, as their Proof of Delivery.

What’s next for Locate2u?

We’ve got some exciting plans for the not-so-distant future:

🛵 Carrier Marketplace: Connect to your favourite carriers to get instant qoutes.

💸 Rates engine: Digitally emulate any customer rate card.

🖼️ Tablet-Specific Screens: Extra screen space with tailored tablet designs.

🔔 Update Notifications: Never miss a beat with our new update notification bar.

📁 Hassle-Free Logs: Say goodbye to manual log file sending – we’ll fetch them remotely!

💬 Driver Chat Feature: We can all use clearer communication.

🌍 Multi-Language Support: We’re expanding the supported languages in-app.

💳 Stripe Payments: Embrace more payment options, all within the app.

🚀 Mobile App V. 2.0: A sleek, fresh new look coming soon.

🏷️ White Label Powers: Stamp your brand all over the app with white label capabilities, this is available for customers on the enterprise plan.

So there you have it. With Locate2u’s latest updates, we’re not just enhancing features – we’re revolutionizing how you optimize your fleet in more than one way.

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