How to track the live location of a bus

Staying connected and informed is crucial, especially for public transportation and mobile businesses like food trucks. Imagine knowing exactly when your bus will arrive or where your favorite food truck is parked at any given moment. 

Thanks to tools like Locate2u, tracking the live location of a bus or any other vehicle is super easy..

Multiple ways to track

Locate2u offers two primary methods to track the live location of a bus or vehicle: using a physical phone or a GPS unit placed within the vehicle. This flexibility caters to various needs and preferences. 

It’s not just limited to buses; even businesses like food trucks can benefit from this feature, enhancing customer experiences by informing them about their location.

How to track live locations

Getting started with Locate2u is straightforward. Here’s how you can easily track the live location of a vehicle:

  1. Open the Locate2u App: Launch the Locate2u app on your device.
  2. Select “Share Your Live Location”: Once in the app, find and select the “Share Your Live Location” option. This will initiate the process of sharing real-time location information.
  3. Set the Duration: Choose the duration you want the GPS tracking link to be active. This gives you control over how long the live location will be accessible to others.
  4. Share the Link: The generated tracking link can be shared with customers, embedded into apps (if they don’t expire), or posted on social media platforms. This link is the key to accessing the live location information.
  5. View the Live Location: Recipients of the tracking link can simply open it in their web browser. The link will display the vehicle’s current location, and it will update automatically as the vehicle moves.

Versatile GPS Options

Locate2u offers a range of GPS units that can be integrated into your fleet. Whether you choose to use a dedicated GPS unit or track the live location directly from a user or driver’s phone, the options are designed to meet your specific needs.

Use Cases Beyond Buses

While bus companies can greatly benefit from sharing live location information with their customers, Locate2u isn’t limited to this industry alone. 

Food truck businesses, for example, can capitalize on this feature to keep their customers informed about their current location. Food truck owners can enhance customer engagement and satisfaction by sharing real-time updates on social media platforms or through the tracking link.

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